H540 x W380 x D410mm
H640 x W380 x D410mm
H840 x W460 x D410mm


Model No.OutsideInsideWeightCapacityShelf
Model No.OutsideInside
BSS-540T21 1/4 x 15 x 16 1/721 1/9 x 14 4/5 x 13
BSS-640T25 1/5 x 15 x 16 1/725 x 14 4/5 x 13
BSS-840T33 x 18 1/9 x 16 1/732 3/4 x 17 4/5 x 13

Fire resistant safes & Steel safes


BOOIL Safes has specialized in manufactureing strong fire proof safes and steel safes and led the Korean safe industry for 31 years. Our determination and creative technology have kept us at the forefront in building Korea into a great safe nation. The support by employees, customers has brought BOOIL Safes out of court receivership, and we are determined to position oursevles as a global safes manufacture. We are exporting over 100 countries now with a qualified strong safes such as Fire resistant safes, Fire proof safes, office furniture safes, anti burglary safes, Data safes, Fire resistant filing cabinet, Steel safes, Under counter safes, Floor safes, Hotel safes, Depository safes. Also, we suffered our manangement system by ISO9001 with annual follow up. Booil Safes possesses cutting-edge equipment and technological capacity thanks to its investments and ceaseless R&D. Our fire resistant safes & steel safes are the result of long accumulated tradition, know-how and technological capacity. Our corporate ideology is to maximize customer satisfaction and quality improvement throughout the entire process of output to the manufacturing of end-products. In addition, as a leading safe manufacturer, our company is pouring all efforts to ceaselessly develop unique next-generation alternative safe models to lead the global safe industry.